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Procurement Advisory Services


Effective Organizational Procurement Structure

Creating and maintaining an effective organizational procurement structure is a key element in achieving optimal cost efficiency and resource savings. We assist our clients in designing and implementing organizational structures that support synergistic collaboration between different departments and ensure optimal coordination throughout the entire procurement process.

Conducting Tender Processes

We actively participate in conducting tender processes for direct and indirect materials, services, and investments. Our goal is to ensure a transparent and fair selection process that optimizes the value of procurement for our clients. With a focus on quality and efficiency, we guide clients towards the most advantageous and reliable suppliers.

Development of Internal Procurement Guidelines

By creating and implementing internal procurement guidelines, we help our clients establish clear and consistent guidelines for internal procedures in procurement. These guidelines are designed to ensure adherence to best practices, openness, and transparency at every step of the procurement process.

Supplier Relationship Management

We provide comprehensive supplier relationship management to achieve long-term and mutually beneficial collaborations. We focus not only on selecting suppliers but also on systematically evaluating and developing existing relationships, ensuring stable and reliable deliveries for our clients.

Implementation of Control and Managerial Reporting Tools in Procurement

We integrate modern tools for control and managerial reporting to monitor and analyze the performance of the procurement process. These tools enable our clients to gain crucial insights, identify areas for improvement, and effectively manage the entire procurement life cycle.