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Wine Business Advisory

Consultancy for the Viticulture and Winemaking Sector

Technical support for winemakers regarding wine production processes.
Preparation and revision of HACCP.
Recommendations on modern technologies in winemaking.

Investment Wines Advisory

Market and trend analysis in investment wines.
Evaluation of the potential appreciation of specific winemaking brands.
Consultancy in creating a portfolio of investment wines.

Portfolio Creation and Purchase of Investment Wines

Examination and assessment of individual winemaking products.
Development of strategies for diversifying the portfolio of investment wines.
Facilitating the purchase of selected wines with a focus on investment potential.

Mediation of International Wine Sales with a Focus on the Chinese Market

Organization of business meetings and mutual connection of key players in the industry.
Assistance in negotiating and concluding international trade agreements.

Professional Networking

Providing opportunities for exchanging experiences and know-how among professionals.
Organization of events, workshops, and networking meetings
Preparation and hosting of educational workshops for winemakers.
Hosting events to showcase new winemaking products and technologies.
Providing opportunities for informal meetings and building partnerships in the wine industry.